The Most Beautiful Periodic Table Displays in the World


We offer a range of physical periodic table installations, engaging educational displays and boxed sets all featuring real element samples. Follow the links below or use the menu above to find out more.


We design, manufacture and install beautiful periodic table displays. These displays feature real element samples and are simultaneously works of art and icons of science. Click the link above to discover more and read what our customers say.

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Our high-quality boxed sets are intended for anyone interested in owning a collection of the elements. Safety and beautiful presentation are the key design considerations. A physical sample of every natural element in the periodic table is included.

The same museum-grade samples used in our displays and boxed sets are available for individual purchase by collectors and others interested in particular elements. Take a look at a selection of our exceptionally beautiful element samples both in vials and in other formats.

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Find out all about the periodic table and collecting elements at Theodore Gray's website If you have an iPad or an iPhone please download our award-winning apps The Elements, The Elements in Action and Molecules.