012 Magnesium Cylinder

Magnesium is the lightest of the alkaline earth metals and indeed the lightest that people are likely to encounter, having a density of only 1.74g/cm3, compared with 2.70g/cm3 for aluminium. Like the other elements in Group 2, it is a reactive metal that slowly tarnishes in air. The 8th most abundant element in Earth’s crust, metallic magnesium was first isolated by Humphrey Davy in 1808.

This cylinder matches our tungsten cylinders in dimensions but not weight - it takes 11 magnesium cylinders to equal a single tungsten, a fact that usually delights people picking them up for the first time.

Due to the fact that magnesium will tarnish, we coat these cylinders with a clear protective lacquer. Raw cylinders are available on request but will need regular polishing.

purity:  99.95%

size: 55mm x 35mm 

weight: ~92 grams

Price: £70 ex. shipping