074 Tungsten Cylinder

Tungsten is the heaviest of the non-precious metals, exceeded only by rhenium, platinum, iridium, osmium and some of the transuranic elements.

First discovered in 1783, tungsten has the highest melting and boiling points of all the metals, making cast ingots commercially unviable.  It is used in heavy metal alloys and superalloys, accounting for nearly half the tungsten used worldwide, with 50% being used in the production of tungsten carbide.

This cylinder measures 55mm tall by 35mm in diameter and weighs an astonishing one kilogram (actually 1,030 grams per piece), close to theoretical density. It always surprises those picking one up for the first time and makes an ideal companion piece to our matching magnesium cylinders which, although the same size, weigh only 92 grams.

Purity: 99.95%

Size: 55mm x 35mm

Weight: ~1,030 grams

Price: £175 ex. shipping