077 Iridium (5 grams)

Iridium is an extremely rare member of the platinum group metals. It does occur uncombined in nature, both on its own and alloyed with other PGMs, particularly osmium, but most iridium is recovered as a by product of platinum refining.

Iridium is a very hard, brittle metal with a high melting point and is virtually unworkable in pure form. It is the second densest and most corrosion resistant of the metals. Iridium is a lustrous silver white colour but does exhibit a slight yellowish cast, particularly noticeable in comparison with it's blue neighbour osmium.

The price shown below is for a single arc-melted pearl of pure iridium. A display vial with the chemical symbol, Ir, engraved on the lid will be supplied with each order.

purity: 99.99%

size: ~9mm

vial size: 44mm x 20mm

weight: 5 grams

price: £205 ex. shipping